Ajmal Bhatty is CS Financial's senior expert in insurance and Takaful. He is a pioneer in developing insurance and Takaful practices in the Islamic world. He is a registered actuary in the UAE and Bahrain and is a member of the Board of UK’s Islamic Finance Council, member of the Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia and member of Actuaries Without Borders.


Mr. Ajmal pioneered research in Takaful, working with institutions in several countries and standard setting bodies such as the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and the Islamic Financial Board (IFSB).


He worked with Insurance and Takaful Regulators in the UK, Bahrain, Brunei and Malaysia, and served as member of special international committee of Islamic Development Bank and Bank Negara Malaysia to develop and promote Takaful amongst the members of Organization of Islamic Countries.


Mr. Ajmal has proven track record of building durable businesses in financial services (insurance, savings, pensions) with global connectivity.  He believes in change with continuous innovation, optimization and execution of ideas, strategies and plans. As a thought leader in Takaful with over 30 years of experience in several markets, Ajmal is currently working as General Manager of Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance in the UAE.


Previously, he held C-level and senior management positions with Tokio Marine Middle East, Alinma Tokio Marine Saudi Arabia, HSBC at Group level serving UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and before that with Takaful International, Arab Insurance Group in Bahrain and Shield Assurance in the UK.


Mr. Ajmal has keen interest in Insurtech / Fintech and micro-takaful and supports its development around the world.