Alhamulhaq is CS Financial's Chief Executive Officer and its founder. He has been a Dubai based Afghan entrepreneur for more than 10 years with highly successful businesses.

Alhamulhaq worked for Afghan Milli Bank in Kabul and received his Islamic finance training in Dubai from senior Islamic bankers. He holds a masters degree in marketing from the Arab League Institute in Cairo, Egypt and a bachelor degree in mass communication from Cairo University. He studied Fiqh with senior scholars at Al Azhar mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Alhamulhaq is keen to serve the financial industry of Afghanistan bringing high quality global services to the local market. He is well connected in international banking industry and has an excellent understanding of the financial sector’s needs in Afghanistan. He aims at making Afghanistan a hub of Islamic finance in near future.

Alhamulhaq speaks Dari, Pashto, English, Arabic, and Hindi.