Our Product Development Services

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Our experts have developed products for retail banking, commercial banking, asset management, treasury, capital markets, equity markets, transactional banking, takaful, re-takaful, microfinance companies, and fintech start ups. We can help develop the following products and give you end to end solution of product, product manual, step by step Shariah compliance guidelines, Shariah audit checklists, and system implementation instructions:

Banking Products

Takaful Products

Microfinance Companies

  • Income Generation Credit short term and long term to help with developing assets (agricultural, industrial, establishing small businesses and farms)

  • Emergency Credit for health, funerals, hospitalization etc.

  • Individual Credit for developing income generation asset (individual initiatives such as farmers, tailors, etc.

  • Micro saving solutions for poor to save money in more effective manner because they do not have access to banking services. It allows poor people to save money for economic independence and safeguarding the future. It also allow them to manage their cash in a secure and better way.

  • Micro insurance solutions for poor to protect their initiatives and reduce the risk of failure and unforeseen events such as floods, drought, illness or death in the family.

  • Micro leasing. This is to enable small businesses to lease equipment, agricultural machinery or vehicles instead of buying them.