Many poor people and low income segments of Afghan society need microfinance and microcredit to ensure their Inclusion in the financial system and receiving the funds for making prosperous life. We support microfinance companies and government agencies to reach the deserved segment of the society with the right products that are Shariah compliant and meet the belief of Afghan people. we help with the following:

Product Development

  • Income Generation Credit short term and long term to help with developing assets (agricultural, industrial, establishing small businesses and farms)

  • Emergency Credit for health, funerals, hospitalization etc.

  • Individual Credit for developing income generation asset (individual initiatives such as farmers, tailors, etc.

  • Micro saving solutions for poor to save money in more effective manner because they do not have access to banking services. It allows poor people to save money for economic independence and safeguarding the future. It also allow them to manage their cash in a secure and better way.

  • Micro insurance solutions for poor to protect their initiatives and reduce the risk of failure and unforeseen events such as floods, drought, illness or death in the family.

  • Micro leasing. This is to enable small businesses to lease equipment, agricultural machinery or vehicles instead of buying them.

Microfinance Technology

We advise microfinance companies on using the best suitable technology for their clients in Afghanistan. For instance poverty-stricken communities often can’t afford formal identification or read the extensive paperwork necessary to open an account in a bank. We can arrange electronic and mobile technologies to reduce transaction costs and bring services to the most marginalized and remote customers by digital fingerprint scanning, installing point-of-sale devices in rural areas, and using mobile phones for payments, collections, and money transfer.

Shariah Advisory

We help microfinance companies to develop their business in Shairah compliant manner. We provide Shariah certification,

period reviews to ensure the Shariah compliance of the operations, and Shariah audit.

Capacity Building and Training

We train microfinance companies’ employees on the principles of Islamic microfinance, Shariah compliance, risk management, disbursement of funds and collection of payments.